37 Cash Jobs To Make Some Quick Money

Having to wait until your next payment date is not always the ideal scenario, especially when you need money immediately.

37 Cash Jobs To Make Some Quick Money
37 Cash Jobs To Make Some Quick Money 4

Luckily, numerous easy cash job ideas can provide you with a few extra bucks. In this article, we have the 37 best, so keep on reading below and choose one or more of them as a side job that can bring that extra dollar into your pocket.

The Distinction Between Cash Jobs And The Gig Economy

Before we have a look at some cash jobs you can get, let us clear the air on the distinction between them and the gig economy.

Cash jobs are also referred to as under-the-table jobs and they are all those jobs where the person who hired you for them is going to pay you in cash.

These types of jobs are not always synonymous with “formal” jobs, as your contractor does not provide you with any perks, health, and medical coverage, or other benefits.

In several case scenarios, cash jobs are simple and easy to find, and, contrary to what many people might think, they aren’t always illegal. Even so, and in almost all cases, cash jobs do not result in cash being transferred to your bank account.

For example, mowing someone’s lawn qualifies as a cash job and is a fantastic job idea for a youngster wishing to make some money.

“Gigs” or positions in the gig economy are one-off jobs that you finish one at a time.

Gigs usually entail you working for a private business that connects you with a client or customer in need of your service.

So, once you finish your job, you receive a check or money through payment services such as PayPal.

These jobs are excellent for making money quickly and consistently, and you end up earning even more money as your prestige grows. Uber, Shipt, and DoorDash are two excellent cases of such jobs.

As a result, if you are looking for easy ways to make money, both the gig economy and the cash jobs can help you do that.

Where Can I Look For Cash Jobs In My Area?

The problem with cash jobs is that many people choose not to advertise them in conventional places or via conventional channels.

However, you can discover cash jobs in your area by employing a wide range of resources such as:


Because you can filter the Craigslist job listings by category, duration, fee, and location, you can most often use websites such as this one to search for cash jobs that are easily accessible on foot or by car.


If you join some relevant Facebook groups (e.g. “jobs in New York City” and “Jobs in and around New York City) you will see that many users are posting about cash jobs they are offering.


 Nextdoor makes it simple to search for jobs in your town or borough.

Friends And Family

There might be friends and family members who are actually willing to pay you for your services; if you are, for example, great with painting, they might call you to paint their house and pay you for your service.

However, even if that is not the case, there are so many cases where people found a cash job through a friend of a friend. So why couldn’t that be you?

So, if you have a large family or a large group of friends, simply ask them as this could be a terrific way to supplement your income.

Outdoor Cash Jobs

Outdoor Cash Jobs
37 Cash Jobs To Make Some Quick Money 5

Outdoor cash jobs are excellent ways to supplement your income, especially during springtime and the summer season.

Who wouldn’t want to work outdoors on a sunny day while also earning money?

Furthermore, outdoor cash jobs often allow you to work out at the same time. Nevertheless, some are quite physically demanding, so if you are weak or petite, it might not be the best idea for you.

Outdoor cash jobs pay differently than other types of cash jobs. Such jobs can pay you from a hundred bucks to a few thousand monthly. However, that will depend on your skill set and your efficiency.

If your customers appreciate your efforts, they might also consider hiring you permanently.

So, now that we’ve had a look into the different kinds of jobs you can get that will provide you with money quickly, let’s see some outdoor cash jobs you can find out there!

1. Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance services are needed during the months of spring and summer. Maintaining your neighbor’s lawn can save you at least 50 dollars daily.

If you are free on the weekends and have the entire day to make some extra bucks, then find as many neighbors as you can in need of your service and get to mowing!

2. Gardener

If you have previous or current experience working for larger businesses or are skilled in caring for various plant species, why simply mow the lawn?

You can earn a great income as a gardener by caring for plants and ensuring they grow and propagate in the best way possible.

Gardening is also known for its mental health benefits, so not only can you make money out of it but also keep your mind healthy!

3. House Painter

Painting walls is a physically demanding task. However, if you have the expertise and skills, you may comfortably begin charging a daily rate of hundreds of dollars.

4. Local Guide

If you are a native of your area or have grown to know it like the back of your hand, you can easily get a job as a local guide.

In this job, you can show your customers around the city you live in and take them to some interesting and notable sights while providing historical context.

If you are good at your job and there’s high demand, you can get paid and earn more than a hundred dollars daily.

5. Snow Removal Jobs

This is a cash job you will only find on cold, snowy days, and while it might sound like fun, it’s nothing like cleaning the snow from your front porch.

Snow removal is one of those physically demanding jobs we previously mentioned, so you should make sure that you have the strength to do it.

If you have a weak core and upper body, it’s best to keep looking further down this list for other job alternatives.

However, if you consider yourself a physically fit and strong person, this job can help you make a thousand bucks or more in a week, so give it a go!

6. Dog Walker

It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or not; you can easily work as a dog walker if you want to make some new little friends and walk your 10,000 daily recommended steps.

At first, it might be tricky to find that first client if you don’t have previous experience or own a dog that can help as proof that you know how to take care of one.

However, once you get that first customer, things will be much easier afterward, and you’ll see that by word of mouth, your clientele will grow bigger every day!

7. Street Performer

A street performer is an artist you can find on the streets sharing their talent with passersby. That talent could be singing, mimicking, dancing, doing magic tricks, acting, painting, or any other thing worth showcasing to people.

Performing on the street is one of the ways artists make money every day, and even people who work on live shows and as opening acts to bigger stage names choose this as an easy way to end the day with hundreds of extra dollars in cash.

And if your goal is to become famous through your singing, who knows, you might have the luck of Ed Sheeran and be discovered soon enough!

8. Scrap Metal Salvaging

Certain recycling facilities and manufacturing facilities will compensate you for collecting scrap metal such as aluminum, steel, as well as tin.

You aren’t going to be paid any huge amounts but collecting metal while having another work is a simple way to supplement your income.

9. Repairman

Competent repairmen who can repair things such as water taps and utility poles can make lots of money and quickly gain their customers’ trust.

10. Mover

Movers are typically paid a hundred bucks or more on a daily basis for offering their services to people moving in or out of places.

Nevertheless, consider that this job is essentially laborious, and you must be in shape to move along with your workmates.

11. Cleaner For Swimming Pools

A swimming pool cleaner does not necessarily earn tons of money, but when you compare the money you’re paid to the job you did, it’s certainly worth it.

It’s not that hard to brush the bottom of a pool and replace chlorine tablets regularly; the more pools you clean, the more you will earn.

12. Pressure Cleaning

No, we don’t mean you will have to clean under pressure. Pressure cleaning is the use of high-pressure water to facilitate the removal of dirt as well as other components from a hard surface.

It is both pleasing to the eye and financially rewarding. By purchasing a pressure cleaner and leaving the surfaces of people’s houses spotless, you can slip a minimum of a hundred bucks in your pocket that very same day.

13. Food Delivery Driver

Drivers for restaurants or services that deliver food can make lots of money from customer tips and some weekend work when people tend to order a lot.

14. Delivery Driver (Other)

Many businesses are constantly looking for long-distance delivery drivers that can transport big loads with a truck or transporter all the way from California to New York.

Sometimes, these jobs are under-the-table ones, so you can easily make some money on the side regularly if you prove your efficiency and become their go-to driver.

As this is a hard, physically and mentally demanding job – driving in the nighttime or for 12+ hours straight – you get paid lots of money.

15. Taxi Driver

Working as a taxi driver for Uber is a kind of under-the-table driver job, which in some cities and jurisdictions is done by thousands of people.

Most of the cash you will end up with at the end of the day will be from tips too, but you could make a lot of money if you track down a location where people regularly ask for lifts, such as at a club’s exit.

16. Auto Detailer

Choosing the job of an auto detailer as a side job that will bring you some extra cash is great, especially if you love cars.

Auto detailers work on perfecting the inside and outside of a car more so cosmetically rather than mechanically.

You could get paid several hundred dollars daily based on your skill set. Nevertheless, you will have to spend money on getting supplies of your own, which will reduce your budget.

17. Gutter Cleaner

Being a gutter cleaner implies cleaning out the debris from a gutter and sometimes wiping them too. As this job means you have to get on people’s roofs, you can earn even two hundred dollars per day.

During certain seasons, notably the fall and the winter, gutters are more likely to get clogged because of the large number of foliage and twigs that the wind blows inside them.

So, you can expect lots of people to ask for people to clean gutters to save their own from blockages during those seasons.

18. Junk Removal

Junk removal is plainly the process of collecting and transferring unwanted garbage from one’s residence or office. Sometimes, you can also find this job at a recycling facility or industrial site.

You cannot earn a fixed amount, and it will largely depend on the area you clean up and the individual or company hiring you for this job.

19. Small Engines Mechanic

If you decide to work as a small engine repairman, you will be maintaining and fixing household appliances, devices, and RVs.

You can receive even a hundred dollars daily for your work, and once you get your name out on the streets and obtain a couple of happy clients, you can expect several calls every week from that “friend of a friend” of your latest client.

20. Day Laborer

A day laborer typically works for a wide range of businesses and sectors and depending on the role, they can make more than fifty dollars every day.

To work as a day laborer, you don’t have to be skilled in any job, so it is quite easy to find one-off jobs through an employment agency, a manager looking for day laborers, or even by walking on the street and asking around in construction sites.

21. Extra In Films And Series

Numerous agencies are looking for extras for films and series and signing up with them is the easiest way to work as an extra on a set and get paid anything from fifty bucks to hundreds of dollars.

This is a fun job where you don’t have much to do; the jobs you will get depend on the role and specifications of the characters they will be looking for, but with so many things being filmed, you will definitely get many roles.

Sometimes, you can even see open calls on social media from companies like Netflix or other production companies asking for extras for their new series.

You should, however, know that even if you end up spending the entire day on set, most of it will be simply waiting.

Even so, the more hours you spend there, the more you will get paid. So, if you are okay with sitting for 8 hours and working for 10 minutes while getting a behind-the-scenes look at a TV series, this is your dream job!

22. Human Billboard

You have seen it in movies, video clips, and even on the streets. Some people might claim that it’s one of the jobs they would never ever do, but if you don’t mind the looks of it, then becoming a sign waver can be lots of fun.

This job is very easy to do, as all you have to do is hold a sign from a shop or restaurant and promote it. It can be physically demanding, especially on days when the weather is not helping you much.

The money isn’t great – we are talking about 50 dollars a day – but it’s a good cash job for younger people who are not looking to make more than that.

23. Golf Caddy

A golf caddy moves golf players and their gear around the field while finding and bringing back all the golf balls. Most players leave good tips so that you could make a lot of money just by that.

24. Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are extremely popular these days. What they do is assist clients in making wise purchase decisions.

They can assist via webchat, phone, text, or in person, while they also process purchasing orders, shipments, and any return of items purchased.

These people usually work in store depots and retail locations; however, they could also work in specialist and boutique stores or as independent contractors.

If you decide to work as a personal shopper, you will receive a small fee on each item you’re appointed to buy, plus more depending on how reliable your feedback is.

So, if you are working with a big client who is spending thousands of dollars on an item, you can expect to get paid a high commission fee.

25. Tradesperson

The construction sector employs a diverse range of professional tradespeople, from electricians and roofers to plasterers, welders, and interior designers.

These jobs are perfect for individuals interested in working in the market but whose skill sets are more practical than academic.

Many of these professions come with an outstanding pay rate and an annual income of more than 50,000 dollars.

Nevertheless, if you are not skilled or educated to a degree in any of these jobs, you will probably have to pass some school exams or do an apprenticeship.

Indoor Cash Jobs

Indoor Cash Jobs
37 Cash Jobs To Make Some Quick Money 6

Even though you will still be working away from home, indoor cash jobs are much easier than outdoor ones as you typically perform them in indoor spaces that are more comfy and pleasant.

Furthermore, such jobs typically necessitate more emotional resources than physical effort, meaning that you won’t be exhausted once you’re done.

Obviously, it depends on your skill sets, but you can generally make anything between a hundred to several hundred dollars per job.

If performed correctly, you could even reach a point where you can launch your own freelance business and focus on your preferred cash job.

26. Pet Sitter

Just like with walking dogs, looking after dogs and cats when their owners are out of the city for a day, week, or more is a fantastic way to earn some quick cash.

Depending on how much time you spend looking after their pets, you might earn from 50 dollars to a few thousand in case they’re away for weeks.

However, the obvious prerequisite is to love pets and know how to care for them and gain their trust first, as these home protectors might not be very friendly when you first meet them.

27. Pet Groomer

You can also work as a pet groomer and earn a living while connecting with people’s pets by brushing them.

This is not a difficult job to do, but you will need to have some experience as a pet groomer or at least a people’s hairdresser.

Understanding how to do this job is important as pets can be unpredictable when you are grooming them.

However, if you have the skills and experience, this job can bring you hundreds of dollars every week, sometimes only one client!

28. Babysitter

If you don’t like babies, this is not the job for you. Even if the money is enticing, taking care of an infant or kid is a difficult job that requires some skills, with patience being one of the most important.

While a kid can grow on you after a couple of months that you’ve been looking after them (especially when you are with them daily), the responsibility that comes with taking care of someone else’s kid and the struggle to sometimes make them like you and trust you at first is great.

So, if you love kids or have at least looked after your niece or little sister back in the day, then you can easily handle this job and make hundreds of bucks per week.

29. Home Organizer

A home organizer earns money by going into their client’s houses, helping them tidy up, and organizing their belongings. You might also assist companies in organizing and storing their inventory.

People who are working as home organizers usually have some previous experience in the design and social services field. This helps them apply that knowledge to develop plans that will assist clients in achieving their objectives.

So, if you have the Mary Condo perspective and the skills or experience to organize people’s places, then this job is your cleaning therapy paying you in cash.

30. Personal Fitness Instructor

You can work as a personal fitness instructor and assist people in reaching their fitness and strength objectives.

You will certainly need to be educated and have a college degree or some certification, but this expertise of yours can bring hundreds of dollars per week into your pocket.

The best thing is that you don’t even need to have many clients; if you are well-established and get to work with rich people, one client or a couple of them are more than enough.

31. Yoga Instructor

Being a yoga instructor is no exception. You’ll train people who join your yoga classes or work as personal yoga instructors for people who will pay you well for your expertise.

There are several types of yoga – Hatha, ashtanga, power yoga, and many others – so you can always focus on one specific type and excel in that.

This way you can, for example, establish yourself as the best power yoga instructor and become the most popular one in your area or city.

You can then work with personal clients or do drop-in sessions in yoga studios and gyms that will call you on a regular basis.

32. Tutor

A self-employed tutor teaches algebra, a first or second language, and other subjects either online or in person.

Of course, you will be paid more when you teach sciences or different languages because these subjects are always in high demand.

Depending on your qualifications and degrees, you can decide what your pay rate will be, and if your clients are happy, we bet they will be happy to pay you more for your services.

This job includes tasks like removing malware, repairing and replacing internal hardware parts, and installing software systems.

Computer service technicians can make even a hundred bucks per computer service. To work as a computer technician, you will typically need to be educated, but this is a niche where many people are self-educated so a degree can be somewhat unnecessary, but certainly an asset.

33. Photographer Or Videographer

Wedding photographers are frequently compensated in cash and demand several hundred dollars for a day’s work.

The same can be said for videographers hired for video clips, events, or by clients like real estate agents looking for eye-catching videos to sell their properties.

34. House Or Office Cleaner

If you choose to start working as a self-employed person, you can become a house or office cleaner and make lots of money in a month.

Finding jobs as a cleaner is very easy and while it can be harder to go and ask around in people’s houses, many offices regularly post cleaner jobs.

However, we already mentioned the power of asking friends and family, so you have nothing to lose by asking them if they know someone who is looking for a cleaner for their house once or twice a week.

35. Musician

Musicians can earn a great deal of money, particularly when they perform in restaurants. If you are not a musician already, it might be too much of an effort to learn how to play the piano to perform in fine-dining places.

However, if you are already a musician, then looking for work in a restaurant is a great way to earn some extra cash. And as your reputation grows, you’ll be able to find work in more bars, nightspots, and concert venues.

36. Party Performer

You can perform as a clown, juggler, or showman at children’s parties, get paid in cash, or even get tipped by the crowd who will enjoy your performance.

However, don’t think that you will only have to perform for kids and their parents, as there are many themed parties taking place where this type of performer gets hired and is paid an excellent fee.

Depending on how entertaining you are and the hours you will be performing, you can expect a minimum of a hundred bucks.

37. Masseur/Masseuse

Getting a masseur certificate is well worth it when you find out how well-paid this job is. From 50 dollars per session to, even more, this is one of the best jobs you can have.

Usually, a session lasts about an hour, so if you have strong hands and build a good clientele, you can earn lots of money and still have plenty of hours to work on something else.

The Bottom Line

Cash jobs are a smart way to earn some extra cash, and this article has the best of them. So, depending on your skills and experience or simply your passion for any of them, start making money with a cash job today!

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