Best Credit Card Wallet [2023]

Wallets have changed a lot in the last 15 to 20 years. For starters, very few of them even hold physical money in them anymore!

As paperless transactions and finance have taken off, the classic wallet we have used for decades is slowly falling by the wayside.

After all, with no need to hold notes or coins anymore, why carry around a bulky piece of material in your pocket or bag when something half the size will do?

However, when it comes to using a specifically designed wallet for credit cards, you have a few options to consider.

Credit cards are delicate financial tools, both figuratively and literally, so it pays to have the right kind of wallet for what you need.

This is where our guide comes into the picture.

Here, we will give you a rundown of the best credit card wallets that you can buy to keep your cards secure.

We’ll also cover a few features that a good credit card wallet should have in case you find that none of the options we have covered here don’t entirely cover all of your needs.

Best Credit Card Wallets


Starting this list with a credit card wallet that doesn't completely abandon some of the older design features of wallets of yesteryear, we have Dash’s entry into this market with the Bando Utility card wallet.

As we will see later in this guide, many credit card wallets have completely abandoned any pretense of older features by being made of more exotic materials (at least as far as wallets go), and shedding any pretense of holding physical money.

The Dash Bando comes to a happy middle ground with its product.

While this is still a credit card wallet, first and foremost, it still has a little room for cash still, so you aren’t completely caught off guard when you have to make a cash payment over a card.

For many other wallets, this would also mean being incredibly bulky too, while also being vulnerable to the elements if it is ever left in the open air.

However, like with many other aspects of its design, Dash finds a happy middle ground by having this be an incredibly sleek design that doesn’t just look good but is also very sleek and tough too, getting rid of that pesky chunkiness that will often turn people away from fabric or cash wallets today.

Combine that with an in-built RFID blocking feature, and you have the perfect credit card wallet for that person who can never seem to get rid of the $10 cash in their wallet.


  • The design of the wallet is sleek and tough while also being able to hold both cash and ten credit cards.
  • The wallet is also resistant to wear and tear, as well as in many weather conditions.
  • It holds a decent number of cards
  • It also includes RFID protection, saving you from scammers who want your card details.
  • It is also a relatively affordable option for wallet holders that are on a budget.


  • The strap that holds the cash may become looser over time.
  • The wallet itself, while tough, may need to be replaced sooner than other items on this list.

Also Available From: Dash Wallets


Of course, fabric wallets have been slowly on their way out for a while now, especially with the advent of minimalist metal wallet designs, which have slowly but surely become the go-to option for many credit card holders.

And, if we’re talking about classic designs of this particular make, we can’t have a list without showing a little respect to one of the first prominent names that made this design famous.

The Ridge is a wallet design that is as efficient and stylish as its ominous name.

This credit card wallet has very few bells and whistles that make up many fabric and metal designs that came before it. And yet, it still managed to maintain its distinct character.

If you know anything about design, it is an incredibly tough feat to pull off, yet the Ridge wallet does it effortlessly.

That minimalism isn’t just for show, either, as it allows the wallet to maintain as much structural integrity as it can in such a small face.

Aided by the many metals and other tough materials that make up this wallet design, this makes the ridge wallet one of the most durable on the market, meaning that you can rest assured that your financial tools will stay safe and well-protected in this little metal wallet.

And those protections aren’t just physical, either. The RFID protection in this wallet is astonishing and means that there is no chance for your details to be stolen by errant scammers and hackers out in the wild.

Honestly, we could be here for hours singing the praises of this wallet design. So, we’ll give you the link to a good purchase site to find out more for yourself.

The results of this wallet speak for themselves!


  • This credit card wallet is incredibly tough while also staying slim enough to fit in your pocket.
  • The minimalist design looks as great as it performs.
  • Contains plenty of protection from scanners with its RFID-resistant design.
  • It can contain up to 12 credit cards.
  • An outside clip can even hold notes in a pinch.


  • No long-term means of holding physical cash, though this issue is fading as more and more establishments move to cashless systems.
  • The compact design does mean that finding the right card can be a hassle, especially when you are in a hurry.

Also Available From: The Ridge


Of course, while metal and exotic materials have been rising recently, that doesn’t mean that classic fabric wallets have been completely erased from the market.

(I mean, just look at our first entry in this list.)

What it means is that a good deal of fabric credit card wallets still around have had to get a little more… creative in their designs.

Enter: the Firefighter Money Clip Wallet.

No, the wallet is not made by firefighters. However, it is made from recycled firefighter hose and other equipment, so you’ll be making sure that a landfill doesn’t end up with even more waste dumped into it.

However, some people might see ‘recycled’ and think of a product that is lower in quality than one made from freshly processed materials.

However, you also need to remember just how rigid fire hoses have to be, and suddenly that ‘recycled’ wallet is looking pretty tough, able to handle any amount of tumble, drops, falls, and other things that will happen across a wallet’s lifetime.

In short, if you’re looking for a wallet design that you know is tough enough to hold together for years to come, you can rest easy with this recycled fire hose wallet design!


  • he design is unique and interesting while recycling materials and keeping waste from producing fresh materials.
  • The materials this wallet is made from make this a reliably tough vessel for holding your credit card while remaining comfortable in your pocket.
  • The wallet can also carry several cards and use the clip for carrying cash!


  • This wallet can comfortably hold around six cards, which is noticeably less than many of the other wallets on this list.

Also Available From: Recycled Firefighter


Most of the credit card wallet designs we have covered so far generally follow the same design principle: a block of material with slots you can fit your credit cards or notes into, and not much else.

Maybe a strap for one or two-dollar notes, if you’re lucky.

Trayvax shakes up this formula with a design aesthetic that is entirely it's own.

The wallet acts more as a frame to contain your cards in rather than one solid block in your pocket.

This keeps the wallet incredibly light, meaning that you’ll barely even notice that you’re carrying it.

This is a massive bonus compared to even some of the slimmer yet still metal frames in the other products.

Plus, the leather design is incredibly comfortable and pliable, so it flexes with your body as you move around.

None of that awkward blocky feeling in your pocket with this wallet!

Plus, the open frame isn’t just for looks. It also means that your front-facing card can be a form of ID so that you can easily pull it out when asked, rather than fumbling about in your pocket for the right sleeve.

If you’re looking for something a little different in your wallet design, this is the product for you!


  • The design of this wallet is unique, allowing the product to remain light while still being usable.
  • The open-face front is a valuable space for ID cards.
  • You can either keep this wallet in your pocket or use the clip to attach it to your belt or another location instead!
  • This wallet can hold up to 13 cards, the highest so far on this list!
  • Despite its open frame, the wallet still comes with RFID protection too!


  • We have concerns about how long an open-design wallet may last, although this issue might be mitigated with a warranty.
  • The starting price is generally relatively high compared to other credit card wallets. But with quality like this, you get what you pay for.

Also Available From: Trayvax


For most of us, a decently made wallet is more than enough to keep up with our everyday lives.

However, if you find that you’re a person that is on the move a lot, the issue of your wallet slipping out of your pocket might be a big concern when stretching, running, and any other more intensive activity.

So, if you want to ensure that there is no chance of your valuables falling out of your pockets, then Magpul has the wallet for you!

Magpul’s DAKA wallet is made for everyday use (hence the name of the product), so you know that its product has practicality in mind for you!

With a non-slip surface to it, you can rest easy that your wallet isn’t going to travel up and out of your pocket while bending down or stretching.

Plus, the cardholder is made from some durable materials, so you know that this product will stand up to the stand of time and wear and tear too!

The clear sleeve for an ID card also adds even more practicality to an already well-designed item, so there’s no excuse not to consider this product!


  • This no-slip design keeps the wallet from falling out of a pocket or sleeve while you are out and about.
  • The sleeve is a perfect place to store ID cards.
  • The product is durable and will stay usable just as well as it stays in place!


  • This card does not come with RFID protection, meaning that it could be vulnerable to scammers and hackers if you are not careful.
  • Cards can tend to get stuck in this model, which can be a hassle to wrestle with in a rush.

Also Available From: Magpul

Best Credit Card Wallet Buying Guide

So, as you can see, there are quite a few wallets in this list that might be able to suit your needs.

However, for every wallet we covered, two others out there might be just a little more to your particular tastes or needs.

If so, and you wish to keep looking, these are a few factors you should keep an eye on when considering a new credit card wallet.

Best Credit Card Wallet


This is a big factor and one that has seen perhaps the most change in the last few years.

Traditionally, wallets were made from fabrics of some kind, often nylon (especially for cheaper products), or leather.

However, metal frame wallets have become very popular in the last 10 years, with the advent of cashless transactions.

Each type of material has its perks.

  • Metal wallets tend to be noticeable more durable over long periods, as well as making your credit cards more secure.
  • Fabric wallets can stretch and usually contain more storage space for not just cares, but for physical money, and plenty of other times, whilst usually being cheaper too.


This is an especially important factor when considering the security of your credit cards.

In the past, having credit cards was in itself a form of financial security, as muggers or burglars could do little with just the card and no PIN.

However, with hackers finding ways of clearing transactions through your cards, a wallet with good security has become vital.

Ideally, a wallet with good security will have either some kind of RFID protection or be thick enough to make contactless hacks difficult without detection.

Ease Of Use

This is an understated factor, but one that will seriously impact how much you like using your wallet.

Having a wallet that is efficiently packed and tough is great, but if you’re struggling to find or pull out the card you need every time you use it, you’re going to find living with this type of model much more frustrating on a day-to-day basis.

If you also carry a photo ID around, you’re also going to want to look for a wallet that has at least one clear sleeve, to save you time pulling it out to show.

Physical Cash Options

Of course, there are still stores and vendors that prefer receiving physical legal tender to going contactless.

Ideally, despite benign a credit card wallet, a good product will also have at least one method of storing cash, such as with a strap, or even a sleeve for notes, like a traditional wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Everyday Carry?

While searching, you may have heard the term ‘everyday carry’ benign thrown around by some items.

Generally speaking, this refers to the idea of what you should be carrying around with you in your day-to-day life, and what you can fit in your pocket.

Wallets that consider everyday carry would be ones that can fit several items, such as cards, physical money, and even items like your car keys too.

What Is A Decent Size For A Credit Card Wallet?

The best way to tell if a credit card wallet is a decent size is to see how many cards it can hold.

Generally speaking, anywhere from 8 to 10 cards would be considered decent or average, with 13 and above being considered a high number.

Ideally, if you’re looking for a credit card wallet, you should avoid a product with space for less than 6 cards. 

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to a wallet that is tailored to take care of your credit cards.

The most difficult part will be just picking one of them!

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