How To Find The Owner Of A Business (2023)

Working with other businesses can bring with it a lot of benefits, and one of them includes outsourcing work that may need specific expertise or a product that another company requires to function where you may have a business-to-business-to-consumer type of model.

How To Find The Owner Of A Business?
How To Find The Owner Of A Business (2023) 3

However your business functions, there will be times when you have to sell yourself and the company to a prospective client or business, or you may want to have an agreement with the owner, so having their details are vital.

Below are some easy ways to find the owner of a business or the business principal if you’re struggling to make contact through the usual methods and want more of a direct link.

Easy Ways To Find The Owner Of A Business

Check The Website

Most businesses these days have a website, blog, or social media presence of some kind.

While these can be easy to find, you might only find surface-level details, such as individuals who are heads of these areas, and may not give you the insight you’re looking for.

You could go directly to the company website and look for an about us or contacts page, where you can either find a line you can call or a list of emails for different business operations so that you can follow up on one of these.

It might also be worth getting in touch with individuals who have been in contact with the business in the past, and they may be able to put you in touch with someone who can give you the information you require.

Use LinkedIn

One of the benefits of having these channels is that you can see the operations of a business, and often, with sites like LinkedIn, you can see who is linked to the business, usually the owner.

You may have to get a plan to contact individuals who aren’t a 1st-degree connection, but you can send them an InMail message if the owner has chosen to hide their email address.

Because the site connects many people, it’s a good chance the business owner will have a presence there; if not, perhaps there are people linked to the business who may have their details.

Do A Domain Lookup

If any of the above methods have been unsuccessful, there can be a way for you to look up an owner from as simple a thing as a domain name, and services like allow you to do a WHOIS lookup on any domain name.

From this, you can find a contact email address, phone number, and in some cases, the name of the registrar, but be aware that the domain creator may choose to omit some details, such as a working physical address, or it might be listed as redacted as a privacy feature.

This method may not be the most comprehensive system.

Still, it is more beneficial to those who want to contact a domain registrar if they use a name that infringes on your trademark or violates local laws and regulations.

Find Them Through The Better Business Bureau

Find Them Through The Better Business Bureau
How To Find The Owner Of A Business (2023) 4

This is another simple way to find contact information if the business is registered in the US, Canada, or Mexico and is a simple way to see any accreditation, alternative business names, business management, contact information, and any alerts associated with the business.

You may also find information on non-member companies that may be subsidiaries of the business that you’re looking for.

While you may not find direct contact information for the owner, you have a good overview of how the business is operated.

Look For Any Business Submissions

Go to the SEC website and use their EDGAR advanced search tool. You can find electronic filings since 2001, and here you can find quarterly and annual reports, specialized disclosures, and prospectuses which are notes relating to a company’s stock.

If you are looking for a current report or an 8K, you might be able to find any public letter written to investors, and if you scroll down to the bottom, you can find contacts for various departments that deal with relations that you can contact.

This isn’t going to be possible for all businesses.

It’s a good idea to widen your search from 2001 and use any keywords that you find apply to the information that you’re looking for, so be aware of any contact information that may be outdated.

What If I Still Can’t Find The Owner of A Business?

There is a chance that the owner in question isn’t listed as a CEO or COO and might list someone else or a holding company as the owner, making the process more difficult.

It’s difficult for an owner to stay hidden because they need to guarantee loans and leases personally. The other operating managers and individuals need someone to report to, so doing business in the first place is more complicated.

If the business has a physical address, it’s worth going there and asking someone there who the owner is.

If you are amicable with the employee, it may be possible that they will provide you with the contact details, and the owner may even be working there if it’s a small business.

Final Thoughts

Suppose this still doesn’t give you a result. In that case, it’s a good idea to check your local state’s database of local businesses. Here you may find contact information or companies that are registered and accredited to do business there in the first place.

In a world where an online presence is a norm, it has become even easier to find information about a business owner, as sales and reputation can depend on the success of this presence.

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