How To Make Money With A Box Truck

Box truck services are always in high demand, and where there is demand there is money to be made.

How To Make Money With A Box Truck (1)

Especially if you live in a city with a lot of people or businesses that could benefit from a box truck service.

The first step in earning money with a box truck is to have a box truck. The box truck in itself will probably be your biggest expense.

If you don’t want to fork over huge amounts of money right at the start you can choose to rent or lease a box truck instead.

We do recommend buying a box truck if you are planning on making it your full time job.

What Is A Box Truck

As the name suggests, it’s a van with a rectangular cargo area. If you’ve ever rented from U-Haul then you have probably driven a box truck.

The best part of a box truck? You don’t need a CDL license in order to drive it. However, it may be beneficial to get one as it will allow you to drive larger trucks.


A common use of a box truck is to offer delivery services to other businesses

This can vary from food to retail. The world of online deliveries is ever growing and delivery drivers are always needed.

Food delivery doesn’t necessarily mean pizzas, with a box truck you can deliver large quantities of food. Such as catering events or large grocery shops.

If delivering for retail companies, then make sure you have insurance to cover any losses or damages.

Home Moving

Whenever people are relocating, there is always a need for a box truck. Why not offer your services?

Most people will move at the end of the month so that is when opportunities will arise.

Make sure you know how far you’re traveling with their furniture so you can charge them appropriately.

It’s a good idea to let people know your rate per mile before taking them on as clients.

Make sure you know the dimensions of your truck, you don’t want to be taking more trips than necessary.

There are however a few downsides to using your box truck to help people move.

The first being that it is quite a physical job, moving around heavy furniture all day isn’t for everyone.

The next being that you have to be very careful with other people’s possessions, this could involve extra expenses such as tarps and straps in order to protect the furniture during transit.

In some states and countries you need to have the correct licenses and permits in order to make a business from home moving services.

Junk Removal

People always have objects that need to be thrown away but are too large to fit in their car to take to the dump.

However, a box truck will have the space. The best place to start this type of business is in your own neighborhood.

If you plan on doing junk removal, make sure you set up perimeters beforehand.

Have your neighbors separate their junk into specific bags so you know what to take to the junk or the recycling center.

Also try to be strict on how they bag their items. You don’t want something ripping and leaving trash in the back of your van which you will need to clean up.


Most trucks have the capabilities to tow large objects such as boats and trailers.

Before attempting this make sure your truck can do heavy towing and has a tow hitch to avoid disaster.

While it is not common for people to want large objects to be towed, you can look to auto repair shops as potential clients.

They typically need help bringing clients cars in and out of the shop so might be looking for a towing service.


Some companies will pay for their advertisement to be on the side of your van.

People get bored of static billboards, but a mobile one will draw attention. 

You can earn money by essentially doing no work. Do make sure you aren’t tied to a certain company before promoting another.


If you own your own truck but currently aren’t using it, then why not rent it out to other people?

It is a great way to get some passive income and not have your truck just sitting there collecting dust.


The main advantage that people go into box truck services for, is being able to set your own hours.

You have the freedom to pick and choose which jobs you want, without having to justify why you didn’t choose it.

You can do as little jobs as you want or as many to work around what’s best for you.

How To Set Up A Box Truck Business

If you’re planning on starting up your own business, the first step should be to pick the name.

Then you can design your own logo. Try to make your business memorable to people.

Next is all the legal paperwork. While this is the boring part you fortunately only have to do it once.

You will need to set up insurance and liability protection, it will also be a good idea to set up your business as an LLC.

Finally you will need to advertise your business.

Ideally you’ll want to create your own website, but you can only advertise your business on social media if you want to. As long as you get your name out there. 

Hopefully you will grow large enough to be able to hire staff and expand your business.

Being responsible for a company isn’t for everyone, but if you choose to, it can be very rewarding.


Hopefully now you can see the many services you can offer with a box truck. All you need to do now is grab your keys and get started.

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