How To Sell Feet Pics (The Ultimate Guide)

There are lots of ways to make some extra cash nowadays. One of these ways is by selling feet pics! This article will show you how to sell feet pics and make good money in the process.

Yes, you heard that right – and people are really willing to pay for them! In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about selling pictures of your feet online.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Sell Feet Pics
How To Sell Feet Pics (The Ultimate Guide) 4

By the end of this, you should feel comfortable enough to get out there and start making some extra cash. 

Let’s begin!

How To Sell Feet Pics (Ultimate Guide)

There are a few simple steps to follow when it comes to selling feet pics. These steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure you protect yourself from scammers and creeps
  2. Pick one or more platform where you will set up your anonymous account and sell your photos
  3. Learn how to take good photos and also edit them
  4. Post those pictures on your platform(s) of choice
  5. Get clients to view and purchase your photos via social media
  6. Sell pictures of your feet for decent prices
  7. Repeat the process!

Why Would You Want To Sell Pictures Of Your Feet?

The answer is simple – money! There are plenty of more nefarious ways to get some extra bucks than selling feet. Selling pictures of your feet can bring in just a couple of dollars to several thousand, so it can be incredibly lucrative.

Keep reading to learn all about this strange but completely legit way of earning money!

Who Should Be Selling Feet Pics?

Anyone who wants to earn extra money! You only need a few simple things – a camera or good smartphone, lighting, internet access, and feet! 

Since most people have those things, the market is really open to just about everyone. 

The process is a lot easier than you think, too. However, there are some important things to consider and be aware of before jumping in the deep end. We’ll cover these in the sections below. 

Selling Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed – What Do You Do?

Being scammed is no joke. Today, there are so many scammers working around the clock to relieve you of your assets. It’s up to you to protect yourself, so always take precautions! 

Lucky for you, we’re going to cover what you need to know.

  • Stay Anonymous – don’t give your name, number, email address, or any other kind of personal information to any clients. Create a separate business account for all your payments, too. 
  • Keep Your Face Out of the Photos – while some sellers are fine with posting pictures with their faces or other body parts in, do you really want your face out there? There will always be people to reshare or photoshop them, and it generally isn’t worth the hassle. Not to mention, it can make anonymity difficult. 
  • Use a VPN – using a VPN or “virtual private network” will allow you to hide your IP address to help protect your identity from prying eyes and hackers. There are plenty of places that offer VPN software, and it’s often included in antivirus packages.
  • Turn Off Location Settings – scammers and creeps can use the Geo-tagging info attached to the pictures you send, so make sure the location is turned off when you start taking pictures on your camera or phone.
  • Don’t Pay Anything – some scammers try to get you to pay money to prove you’re legit – can you believe it? They might also ask you to pay transaction fees. You should never have to pay anything for this side hustle unless it’s for a membership fee to an actual sales site.
  • Don’t Accept Overpayments – this is usually all part of a big scam, so stick to your set prices. Never let greed get the best of you, or you could end up losing a lot more than you anticipate.
  • Never Accept Physical Gift Cards or Anything Else Physical – this isn’t only for the sake of safety. Physical gift cards are often stolen, counterfeit, or easy to cancel by the buyer. You can accept e-gift cards, though.
  • Never Answer Any Personal Questions – personal information is a slippery slope, so it’s best never to answer specific questions. Potential buyers, or even buyers, should never request sensitive information.
  • Set a Price and Stick With That Price – hagglers and negotiators will try to take advantage of you if you change your price for them. Set a price and stick with that price.
  • Receive Your Payments Before Releasing Images – receive and withdraw money before sending over the final product, especially if you use PayPal, CashApp, Chime, or Venmo. Some people like to get refunds as soon as they get the images, leaving you without your money.
  • Always Watermark All Your Images – it’s easy for other sellers to take your photo and sell it as their own if there isn’t a watermark or if the image isn’t blurred. You can easily blur images in Canva.

Other Ways To Make Money Quickly

If you want a few easy ways to earn a little more money, check out the following options:

  • Rakuten – shop online and get free cashback!
  • Ibotta – cashback on toiletries, groceries, and so much more.
  • Swagbucks – take surveys and watch videos to earn free gift cards!
  • Survey Junkie – make money in your free time.

If you want to save money, why not try living a frugal life to save those dollars? We compiled a list of 150 things you can do to be more frugal in your day-to-day life!

Some Popular Foot Poses To Bring In The Bucks
How To Sell Feet Pics (The Ultimate Guide) 5

While some people prefer candid or unstaged feet pics, others will pay big money for poses. Many people will make specific requests for different poses, and probably pay you a whole lot more for those. Below are some of the most popular poses for your feet pics!

Try testing these out and get used to the positions to earn big bucks:

  • Foot Arch – some people love high foot arches, so take photos where the arch is the primary focus.
  • Top of Foot – the top of the feet are simple and easy to get a shot of, and people love them.
  • Bottom of Feet – these pictures usually focus on the soles of the feet. Most people prefer close-up shots.
  • Dirty Soles – we didn’t make the rules. 
  • Toe Spread – spread those toes! These pictures can be taken from the bottom or top view.
  • Toe Scrunch – scrunched, or curled toes are another popular pose…
  • Candid Feet – also called a “foot selfie” candid shots are casual and taken in simple everyday poses. Nothing special required. 
  • Feet in Heels – heels can be dangling from the feet, being kicked off, or anything else. These pictures can be taken from any angle, so they’re pretty easy!
  • Giantess Feet – the goal is to make your feet look as big as possible. This is usually done with the foot coming down towards the camera, making the model look like they have huge feet.
  • The Pose – this pose is probably the most popular. Here, the model will lie on their stomach with their knees bent and feet up in the air. That pose we all do when we’re reading… you know it.

What You Need To Know About Photographing Feet

You should think about starting to take photos when you’ve found a way to stay safe and set all your terms. It’s important for all foot pictures to be taken in good lighting, with little clutter, and they must be as clear as possible. 

Your phone camera may be good enough, but you might also need a high-quality camera. A lot of sites that sell pictures of feet will only ever accept photos that are high quality.

As such, you will want to make sure to do all your research before submitting anything. 

Follow the rules to get good pictures; the rest should come easy. 

  • Setting Up Shoots – setting up your shoots is crucial for success. You need to try and use all kinds of angles and lighting. Use backdrops and props to make your photos look professional, and make them as appealing as possible by trying lots of poses and angles. 
  • Basic Equipment is Needed – you want to stand out from the crowd, remember? You should have a decent phone or DSLR camera to use, indoor lighting, an editing program (like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Canva), and some simple skills. If you have no photography skills, visit Skillshare for some affordable courses to learn all about it!
  • Courses Can Help – if you don’t know the first thing about photography, take a course! These can be incredibly helpful and help you be more successful.
  • Take Care of Your Feet – you need to keep your feet in pristine condition if you want to put them to work! If you can, get regular pedicures to ensure they look great. You should also trim your nails and cuticles, moisturize your feet, and scrub that dead skin off. If you have yellowed nails, use whitening toothpaste on them! You should also wear socks or slippers around the house and in the yard to prevent anything from staining your skin, 
  • You Need to Do Some Research – you should take the time to spy – we mean check out – your competition. This can help you learn about which styles work best, which sets you can try, and all kinds of other information. Learn what people like, and figure out what makes their shots eye catching and buy-worthy. You could even ask for pointers from them if you like!

Tips For Foot Photography


Good background or backdrop will put you above the rest. Ensure that backgrounds aren’t cluttered or too busy. Simple is often best, but don’t be too scared to play around with ideas!

Some background options include the following:

  • Sand – get that beach-like effect just by placing a few handfuls of sand around your feet. Keep it tropical with some jewelry and other props, too!
  • Marble – no need for a whole marble floor for this! Just get marble tile or a marble backdrop to complement your feet while keeping it simple.
  • Carpet – plush carpet always looks great as it adds symmetry.
  • Wood – wood, especially with the bark still on it, adds a nice contrast to a picture. 
  • White Bedding – this makes photos look pretty feminine and allows you to show off pedicures.


It’s a great idea to have some ideas! If you’re struggling with ideas for what to do, check out the following options:

  • Temporary Tattoos – you can use temporary tattoos to really accentuate the curves on your feet and make them look a little different!
  • Flowers – use flowers as props. You can use the flowers from your garden, or go out and purchase some of your favorites to spice things up a little.
  • Foot Jewelry – get anklets or toe rings to add something interesting to your pictures. These work great for a lot of shots.
  • Candles – add some warm and mystical lighting to your shot by positioning candles around your feet! They can be part of the shot, or just off-camera. It’s up to you!


Good lighting is crucial. If you don’t have the money for a lighting kit, below are some pointers to help you stay on the right track:

  • Use natural lighting – it’s free, and it works great. However, to avoid looking washed out, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Flashlights – no natural light? Use the flashlight feature on your phone if you have to work in darker spaces. It provides good lighting.
  • LED lighting – LED light bulbs give great results and are usually cost-effective. They will also give your feet a lovely glow to accent the details, which people go crazy over.

Apps And Websites Where You Can Sell Feet Pics

Once you have created a portfolio of wonderful, high-quality pictures of your feet, you can get to work marketing!

There are three primary places where these pictures can be sold: social media platforms, feet photo sites and apps, and eCommerce sites like your own shop or website. 

When you’re starting out, it’s best to focus on just one or two apps or sites. You should branch out only when you get more experience with how everything works. Remember, it does take effort, so learn about everything before spreading yourself too thin. 

Below is a list of places to sign up to sell your foot pics.

  1. All Things Worn
  2. Craigslist
  3. Dollar Feet
  4. Etsy
  5. Feet Finder
  6. Feet Lovers Only
  7. Feetpics
  8. Foap
  9. Instafeet
  10. Kik
  11. Onlyfans
  12. Stock Photo Sites
  13. Whisper App
  14. Wikifeet
  15. Your own website

Want To Sell Feet Pics On Social Media? Use These

Want To Sell Feet Pics On Social Media? Use These
How To Sell Feet Pics (The Ultimate Guide) 6
  1. Instagram
  2. Meta (Facebook)
  3. Reddit
  4. Snapchat
  5. TikTok

Pros And Cons Of Selling Pictures Of Your Feet

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to selling pictures of your feet.


  • You can stay anonymous
  • You can have a flexible work schedule
  • You can sell the same pictures on several sites
  • If there’s a high demand, there’s a potential for high income, too
  • It’s great for passive income
  • Little or even no investment to begin with


  • Scammers have to be weeded out
  • Might take some time to build a following
  • You have to deal with people trying to get personal information
  • Might be embarrassing to share the job with others/talk about it
  • Lots of competition to overcome

Who Buys Feet Pics?

We’ll put your worries to bed now – people with foot fetishes aren’t the only people who would splurge on foot pictures! In fact, a surprising number of industries would spend money to get pictures of your feet. 

  • Artists – artists always need pictures to help them learn.
  • Etsy Shop Owners – shop owners need foot pictures to create mockups!
  • Modeling Agencies – you don’t need to be over 18, but you do need your parent’s permission. You can sign up with a real agency to start work!
  • Podiatrists – photos are great for medical professionals to learn and even teach from.
  • Shoe Companies – get a partnership with shoe brands like Nike!
  • Stock Photo Websites – plenty of stock photo sites could use these kinds of pictures.

Which Hashtags Should You Use For Selling Feet Pics?

There are a couple of great hashtags you can use when you’re trying to promote your foot pictures! There are as follows:

  • #instafeet
  • #feetloversonly
  • #feetlove
  • #buyfeetpics
  • #solesandtoes
  • #feetfeetfeet
  • #foottok
  • #feetpic
  • #sugarbaby

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Feet Pics

Can Minors Sell Feet Pics?

No, you need to be 18 or over to sell foot pictures online. If you work with an agency, you need to get your parent or guardian’s permission.

In most countries, as long as you are over the age of 18. It’s legal in places like the US, UK, China, Canada, and Australia. However, it likely is not legal in Muslim countries.

Do You Need To Have “Pretty” Feet To Sell Feet Pics?

No! Model-worthy feet are not necessary.

How Much Should You Charge For Your Feet Pics?

It varies! Experience and the customer will help determine the prices.

Do You Have To Pay Taxes For Selling Feet Pics?

Yes, but only if you earn over $600 per year.

Final Thoughts

Selling pictures of your feet is easier than you thought, right? Do some research, find your niche, and get working! You will get some money coming in sooner rather than later.

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