How To Start A Laundromat Business With No Money

Because the majority of services offered by a laundromat are of the self-service variety, owning a laundromat may be a basic and uncomplicated undertaking.

On the other hand, starting a laundromat often involves upfront financial investment costs. These costs might be significant. We will discuss how to start a laundromat business with no money.

How To Start A Laundromat Business With No Money
How To Start A Laundromat Business With No Money 3

The good news is that there are a few different routes that you may take to launch a washing business with little or even no money down. 

You can start a laundromat business with little to no money down if you obtain a business grant or if you start a laundromat business from your home and increase your profits for investment and development.

This article will lead you through the process of discovering various kinds of business grants, as well as how to begin a home-based laundry service business or join a member of an existing home laundry service firm that is already established.

How To Start A Laundromat Business

Business Grants

Grants are quantities of money that are given to you for a specific cause but do not need you to repay them. This is in contrast to loans, which require you to repay the money. 

It is possible to open a laundromat with no initial financial investment at all by applying for grants; however, it is quite likely that you will need to get more than one grant to accomplish this. 

Finding the appropriate grants and applying for them can be a time-consuming process; despite this, some of these programs will likely supply at least some of the financing that is necessary to run a laundromat.

Here are a few of the best grants you should try out to get financial backing for your new business. 

Small Business Grants

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) provides grants to businesses as a kind of financial aid; but, in some instances, applicants are expected to pay some of their own money to be eligible for the award. 

The SBA tends to give grants to groups that operate in the public or nonprofit sectors of the economy.

You can apply for a grant from the SBA even if your firm does not qualify for any of these categories, and the SBA will still consider your request. 

Local Grants

There are a variety of local governments (city, county, and state), financial institutions (banks and credit unions), and other organizations that provide small business owners with the opportunity to participate in grant programs. 

As an example, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation gives out grants each year amounting to many hundreds of millions of dollars to support a wide variety of community development programs.

One of these initiatives is the creation of new small enterprises. 

You may receive more information about grants that are provided by the government of your city, county, or state by calling your local chamber of commerce or by inquiring about grants at your local bank. 

Start A Laundromat Business From Home

Laundromats From Home
How To Start A Laundromat Business With No Money 4

Another good way to start this kind of business is to open a dry cleaning and laundry service out of your home.

Then, apply the money you’ve made from your home-based business toward a small business loan or a loan for a laundromat franchise using those funds as a down payment.

This is an alternate method that does not require any initial financial commitment to run a laundromat. 

If you already have a washing machine and dryer, you can start a laundry business from the convenience of your own home without having to make an initial investment of funds.

You can then use the money you generate toward the construction of a laundromat or the acquisition of an existing one.

When it comes to launching your very own laundry business from your own home, you have a few different options available to you.

You have the choice of managing the organization of everything on your own, from registering yourself as a corporation to advertising your services to potential clients. 

You are going to want to make sure that your house has a spot, like a garage, that is not difficult for customers to get to drop off and pick up their laundry. 

This type of enterprise would involve not only doing the actual washing but also collecting up and delivering the clothing of clients. 

You may get the word out about your company by informing your friends, neighbors, and members of your family as well as other people in the neighborhood about it.

Additionally, you have the option of publishing adverts on online platforms such as Facebook and Craigslist (Find out how you can earn $500 on Facebook).

Working For An Established Service

When it comes to providing laundry services from the comfort of your own home, you also have the choice of forming a partnership with an existing home laundry business in the area. 

One such organization is called Laundry Care, and it is a statewide network of businesses that offer laundry services to customers in their homes.

It is important to keep in mind that to work with Laundry Care, you will need to provide customers with pick-up and delivery services. This means that in addition to a washer and dryer, you will also require a vehicle. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of this specific network, there is an additional fee of $39.99 for a startup kit that you must purchase.

If you decide to work with Laundry Care, you won’t have to be concerned about finding customers on your own since the service will take care of it for you. 

You may begin by conducting a basic search on Google to locate home laundry service companies in your general vicinity. There are a great number of other businesses that are comparable to this one, but the majority of them are only active on a local basis.

Building/Buying A Laundromat

If you already have enough money from running a home laundry service and you want to expand your business, you may open a commercial laundromat in your area by renting or buying a facility nearby.

This would allow you to serve more customers and bring in more revenue. 

You will be responsible for the costs associated with the upkeep and repair of the equipment, as well as the acquisition of commercial washers and dryers, the vast majority of which are powered by coins and/or cards.

You can get commercial washing machines and dryers that are controlled with pennies from a variety of appliance and warehousing firms, and you can even obtain them on Amazon.

It won’t be necessary for you to hire staff to work at your facility because the majority of laundromats come equipped with machines that let clients wash their laundry


It is pretty easy to start a laundromat business either in your own home, through working with established services, or by buying your facility. 

Even if you have little to no money to start a laundromat business, through the use of grants or operating the business out of your home, you will be able to somewhat quickly build up funds to make your business bigger and more profitable. 

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