How To Make Money With A 3D Printer (2023)

If you had told someone more than 30 years ago that we would eventually have printers that not only could reproduce digital images in full color but also printers that could reproduce entire 3D objects, then you likely would have been met with laughter!

How To Make Money With A 3D Printer?
How To Make Money With A 3D Printer (2023) 3

However, as 3D printers continue to spread in popularity and mainstream accessibility, 3D printing has definitely gone on to become no laughing matter!

In fact, 3D printing has become so popular and impactful that it is now possible to make money with a 3D printer!

But how can you best make use of a 3D printer to make a profit? Let’s take a look to find out?

Join us down below because we are going to take a deep look into some of the awesome ways you can make money using your 3D printer.

How Can You Make Money With A 3D Printer?

Though you cannot print your own money using a 3D printer, you can always do the next best thing and put your 3D printer to good use to turn a profit!

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make a profit using your 3D printer!

Create Your Own Products

One of the simplest ways to turn a profit using a 3D printer is to use your device to create products that people will buy!

These can be products that consumers need and that serve a purpose, or even produce custom merchandise based on their favorite franchises!

3D printers can easily be used to create figurines of fictional characters that don’t have much merchandise or even to create original art sculptures that people can use to decorate their homes!

You can easily identify a gap in a particular market and then target that gap to make an incredible profit.

You can even research ways to produce your products in ways that are still high quality but use fewer materials to help make profits even stronger!

Create 3D Printed Parts

A great way to profit from running a 3D printer is to use the printer to create spare parts for certain devices or replace parts for other devices.

This can help not only your customers to save money on expensive parts but can also help you to make a stable profit, as you can be sure that people will need certain replacement parts.

You can also create 3D printed peripherals for existing products such as smartphones to help users to make even more effective use of them in the future!

These can include smartphone stands, holders, or even cable ties!

Sell Your 3D Printing Designs

Before you can print anything on your 3D printer, you must ensure that you have created a suitable 3D model that the printer can recreate.

Many people can find it difficult to construct these 3D models due to the learning curves associated with platforms like Blender, so you can help cut out the middleman by offering internet users the chance to buy access to your 3D models and then print using their own 3D printers.

This is even a great option for those that may not have a 3D printer of their own to make a profit from the devices still!

Create A 3D Printing YouTube Channel
How To Make Money With A 3D Printer (2023) 4

Create A 3D Printing YouTube Channel

If you don’t want to focus on using your 3D printer to sell specific products, which can take over the use of your device for some time, and you instead want to express your creativity with the device, then why not use platforms like YouTube to show your creativity off?

Creating your own 3D printing-oriented Youtube channel can be a great way to draw a profit if you have your channel monetized.

You can create content that shows off how you produce objects using your 3D printer and what kinds of exciting and creative projects you have put together using the printer!

The more creative, the better, as truly unique and exciting projects made with a 3D printer are far more likely to draw the attention of potential viewers!

Rent Out Your 3D Printer

Some events that occur across the country may want to use your 3D printer, so you could make a serious profit by lending your 3D printer to those who want to borrow it for a certain event!

You can even take requests from customers to have specific things printed, which you can then mail to them or give to them in person!

Though 3D printers are starting to see more mainstream accessibility, a large selection of people still don’t have access to the devices. You can easily make a profit by giving these potential customers what they want!

Sell 3D Printing Courses

Using a 3D printer is not always simple, and it has quite a large learning curve to ensure that the finished printed project looks and feels just right.

As such, if you know what you are doing in 3D printing, you can make quite a profit selling that knowledge to those who wish to learn how to use 3D printers.

Not only can this help you to make a solid profit selling your skills, but it also helps you to solidify your existing skills to make you an even more skilled 3D printer user!

To Wrap Up

These are just some of the many ways you can utilize your 3D printer to make some extra money to supplement an existing income or even make a consistent and stable profit to live off of with enough luck and tenacity!

However, these are easily the best ways to use your 3D printer to make some money.

They help put your device to good use and get you in direct contact with customers that require your services and skills!

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