How To See Saved Credit Cards On iPhone 

Our privacy has never been more important to us, especially when it comes to our finances using a digital device. iPhones are among the most popular devices you can buy on the market, and there are good reasons for that.

They’re very useful for a multitude of purposes, and one such purpose is for our finances. You can save various credit cards using Apple Pay or through saved financial information using Safari.

How To See Saved Credit Cards On iPhone 
How To See Saved Credit Cards On iPhone  3

But how do you see where card information is saved? Well, there are two ways to see your saved credit card details. Through your Apple ID and through your autofill information.

This guide will explain more information about this along with other handy tips and tricks. Read on and learn more! 

Apple ID

One quickest and most effective ways to view your saved credit cards on your iPhone is by accessing your Apple ID information. 

Your Apple ID contains all of your information on your iPhone and other Apple devices, so this is the best place to start.

To view your credit card information, go on to your iPhone and select the settings icon that looks like a cog. You’ll see your Apple ID at the very top of the screen. Simply tap on that and then head to “payment and shipping.”

On this screen, you will see the credit cards that you use for default payments, such as in-app purchases or Apple Pay. 

If you want to delete your payment information, click on the card and then select remove. 

Apple Wallet

Another way to look at what credit cards you have stored is by looking at your Apple wallet. To access this, you will need to locate your Apple wallet app. 

As the name suggests, the icon looks like a little wallet. Click on it, and you can view all of your saved credit cards, debit cards, travel tickets, and other documents. 

Here, you can update your card details or delete the credit cards (or any other cards) that you wish to. 

Be sure to check your Apple Pay settings here too, as some cards in the past for some users have been removed from the wallet but bizarrely not from Apple Pay. 

Autofill Settings

If you have previously used Safari (the Apple default browser) to make a payment online, you may have been asked if you’d like Apple to store your credit information. 

This is to make it easier later down the road if you want to make another purchase as you do not have to type in your details all over again. 

How To See Saved Credit Cards On iPhone  (1)
How To See Saved Credit Cards On iPhone  4

To look at this information including your saved credit card details, simply go to settings and select Safari. 

From here, open “general” and then “autofill.” You will be able to see your credit cards and then your saved credit cards. However, to look at this information, you may be asked to verify your identity for security purposes.

Depending on what type of iPhone you have and the settings you have set up, you may be asked for Face ID verification, thumbprint verification, or simply your multi-digit PIN or password. 

After this has been completed, you can go right ahead and view your credit cards and their details. You will also have the option to delete or amend them if you wish.

Is It Safe To Store My Credit Card Information On My iPhone?

iPhones are among the most secure devices you can use. As long as you are savvy with the way you use your iPhone and other devices that share this information, you should be perfectly safe. 

However, here are some tips for you to remain safe.

Beware Of Other Devices

Technology is fantastic, but it can also be a little dangerous when it comes to your Apple account.

Things like Apple Watches can also have your Apple Pay information, and depending on your settings – thieves can use tap technology to make unauthorized charges.

Therefore, if you have other Apple devices, check your security settings. Always have a security verification system setup (such as Face ID, thumbprint verification, etc.). 

Speak With Your Credit Card Company

It’s always a good idea to check with your credit card company about their security settings when it comes to digital devices. Some credit card companies will notify you before a payment is made, to check if the charge is genuine. 

However, many scammers have become wise to this and have begun using these notifications as a way to access your account. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check with your credit card company and ask how they will contact you.

Use Private Browsing

Private browsing never stores any information on your Apple devices. Therefore, none of your credit card information will be in the autofill section. 

Use PayPal When Possible

If you want to be extra safe, consider removing all of your credit card information from your iPhone and only use PayPal when possible, when you want to make a payment online. 

Many reputable companies and sellers will accept PayPal, but when they do not – you may wish to use a different method or use a friend’s account. 

Ask To Buy Setting

If you have a child that uses your iPhone, you can protect your account from unauthorized app payments by selecting the “ask to buy” setting on your Apple profile and then through family sharing.

The Bottom Line

These are the ways your credit card information can be viewed, amended, and deleted using your iPhone and most other Apple devices.

However, having this information stored on your iPhone will also require you to be savvy with your personal information.

We hope this information will help you going forward and keep you financially safe!

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