How To Sell Domain Names On GoDaddy?

Selling domains online has quickly gone on to become big business.

Certain domains can be worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars, making it a better time than ever to sell website domains!

We share some tips on how to sell domain names on GoDaddy.

How To Sell Domain Names On GoDaddy?
How To Sell Domain Names On GoDaddy? 3

One of the world’s premier platforms for buying and selling domain names is GoDaddy, a website that has quickly risen in popularity within the world of website domains, and it is not difficult at all to see why!

Buying and selling domains on GoDaddy is much easier than on any other platform.

But for anyone who is totally new to using the platform or selling domains, using GoDaddy can be rather daunting!

How do you actually go about selling domain names on GoDaddy? Is there a preferred method? And how do you go about following it?

If you want to make the most of this popular platform, read below; we will explore everything you might need to know!

How Do You Sell Domain Names On GoDaddy?

There are a few steps that you need to take in order to get your domain name listed on GoDaddy so that it can be sold. Let’s dive in to find out what each of these steps is!

Step 1 – Create A GoDaddy Account

Before you can get anywhere with GoDaddy, you will need to create an account that will give you access to the platform and its many tools.

In order to create your account, simply head to the GoDaddy website, click on the ‘Sign in’ button, and then you will be given the option to ‘Create My Account.’

Click on this option, fill in all the appropriate fields, and make sure you create a strong password to start your GoDaddy account!

Step 2 – Head To The Domain Control Center

Now that you have set up your own account, what you now need to do is head to the domain control center.

This is where all the important stuff is carried out, and you will be managing all of the domains that you are buying or selling in the future!

Step 3 – Create A Domain Listing

You may initially have trouble finding the ‘List For Sale’ button on the Domain Control Center, so make sure that you are looking at the page in ‘Simple List View,’ which can be accessed by clicking on the icon directly next to the domain search bar!

Once you have clicked on the ‘List For Sale’ button, you will be given the option to set a price for your domain and insert the domain directly into the associated textbox.

You will want to set an appropriate listing price so that your domain has a greater chance of selling.

Once you have entered the domain and set your price, you will also be given the option to change the landing page of your website into a ‘For Sale’ page, which lets potential users of the website know that the domain is currently up for grabs.

Once you have done this, click the ‘Next’ button!

Step 4 - Publish Your Listing
How To Sell Domain Names On GoDaddy? 4

Step 4 – Publish Your Listing

Once you have entered all of the appropriate information, you will then want to select the ‘Publish Listings’ button, which will cause the domain to be listed on the Domain Control Center page.

Once you have done this, you can then use the Domain Control Center to keep an accurate check on all of the domains you currently have listed for sale.

This can be done by selecting the ‘Listing Manager’ button, which brings up a comprehensive list of all domains you currently have listed!

GoDaddy will also send you a follow-up email after listing a domain, which is full of useful tips that can help you get your domain sold much quicker and at the price you want!

Why Should You Use GoDaddy To List Domain Names?

As well as allowing you to buy and sell domain names, GoDaddy also offers a comprehensive suite of website development tools that allow you to create websites that truly shine and are deserving of attention!

This helps it to compete even against total titans in the industry like SquareSpace and Wix.

GoDaddy also offers free usage of its platform, allowing you to quickly list your own domains without having to spend even a single penny.

However, as well as their free plan, GoDaddy also offers a number of paid memberships that allow you to access all manner of analytics and other tools that help you to track and understand the success of your website or domain, in order to optimize them as best you can!

The top-paid GoDaddy plan also gives you direct access to a suite of SEO tools that allow you to easily optimize your website to ensure that domains are reaching their true potential and being promoted on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

To Wrap Up

GoDaddy is one of the best platforms to use in order to buy and sell domain names.

Luckily, selling domains on the platform is also incredibly easy, even for those that have very little experience with buying and selling domains!

If you plan to sell online domain names, why not give GoDaddy a chance?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Profitable To Sell Domain Names?

Yes. It can be very profitable to sell domain names online and make for a great supplemental income source!

What Is The Most Expensive Domain Name?

One of the most expensive domains ever sold is ‘,’ which was sold in 2019 for $30 Million.

How Do You Get Paid From GoDaddy?

If you do sell a domain on GoDaddy, you will be prompted to provide your bank account details so that a direct deposit can be made!

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