Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From (2023)

After many decades spent working to pay the bills, for most of us, retirement can’t come soon enough. Many of us think of retirement as making the most of our savings to enjoy a relaxing period.

Where will your retirement money come from?

We picture a consistent flow of income to keep us afloat during our retirement years, without the need to head to a job every day. 

Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From?
Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From (2023) 4

This is a nice dream, but producing enough money without a steady job can be an issue. Many of us are guilty of being clueless as to how to save enough money for retirement (Find out the Average Retirement Savings). How do you transform your earnings into a stable source of income for your golden years

You’ll find some methods of doing so in this article, including buying immediate annuities, strategically withdrawing funds, creating laddered bonds, and forming laddered certificates of deposits. 

It can be overwhelming thinking about how to generate enough income for retirement, but if you’re ready to learn about various sources of retirement money, keep reading! 

Different Sources Of Retirement Income

Buying An Immediate Annuity

Buying immediate annuities is a simple method of transforming single payments into a steady flow of income, which you won’t be able to outlive. Retired people usually purchase these with any savings from their working years. 

Once the immediate annuity contract is bought, the income flow begins straightaway. This stream is predictable and won’t be affected by decreasing interest rates or stock prices.  

In return for the security and stream of income, immediate annuity consumers need to be happy with the fact that this income payment won’t grow. This means that thanks to inflation, this payment will lower in value as time goes on. 

One issue that may trouble immediate annuity buyers is that you can’t change your mind after you purchase the annuity. Your initial sum of money will be locked in no matter what. Once you pass away, the insurance company will sustain the remaining money in your account. 

Annuities might seem like a good idea, but these are complex purchases that come in several types. Always do your research before you buy one. 

Regular Tactical Money Withdrawals

No matter how much money you have in your account, it’s never a good idea to withdraw all of your funds at once. It’s wise to only withdraw the sum of money that you need, then leave the rest of your capital in so it does the job for you.

A systematic withdrawal plan might seem complicated, but it mainly requires you to work out your money requirements, then only withdraw the amount that you need.

Remember that withdrawing even amounts every month can be thought of as regular, but unless these withdrawals match your money needs, they won’t be tactical. 

The majority of individuals have a regular withdrawal system in place, liquidating their capital as time goes on. The greatest money sources that use this system are equity holdings, like stock in 401(k) arrangements or mutual funds. Bank accounts and bonds can be thought of too. 

Creating a well-thought-out spending scheme can make sure that your source of money lasts for the period that you need it. 

Creating Bond Ladders

Bond ladders are made by buying several bonds which mature at irregular periods. This system delivers regular returns, a lower chance of loss, and a defense against call risk. Irregular maturities mean that there’s no risk of every bond being called simultaneously all at once. 

Bonds usually generate interest payments twice every year, so a six-bond portfolio would produce a consistent source of money every month. The bond’s interest rate payments are fixed once bought, which means that the recurrent interest payments are foreseeable and fixed. 

As every bond matures, one more is bought, which grows the ladder. The new bond’s maturity date happens later on compared to the rest of the bonds in the portfolio.

The assortment of bonds that can be bought and sold delivers significant versatility when generating a bond ladder, particularly when matters of differing credit quality can be used to make the portfolio. 

Creating Laddered Certificates Of Deposit 

Creating a laddered CD (certificate of deposit) is like the method of generating bond ladders. Several certificates of deposits with differing maturity dates are bought, as every CD matures after the one before it.

For instance, a single CD may take six months to mature, the next might take a year, and the one after 18 months to mature. The ladder grows as you buy a new CD after each CD matures.

This is possible as the newly bought CD’s maturity date is further along the line compared to the CDs that were bought before it. 

Banks sell certificates of deposit which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures, which is why this method is more traditional compared to the laddered bond scheme. CD ladders are usually employed for temporary money requirements.

However, if the interest rates are appealing and can deliver a good amount of money, they can be used for long-term money needs. 

The interest gained from CDs is only compensated once they reach maturity. You need to make sure that the ladder is constructed correctly so that these maturity dates align with your income requirements. 

Keep in mind that a few CDs may have an automated reinvestment setting that may stop you from obtaining income from the investment. Double-check that the CDs you use to create a retirement money flow don’t use this setting. 

Several Retirement Money Sources

A lot of retirees receive their money flow from multiple streams of income. These can range from pensions, inheritance, investments, and real estate

Owning several money sources, along with the features outlined above, can help look after your money even if one of your investments doesn’t deliver as expected. 


Enjoying a consistent retirement money flow during your golden years can be done, but you will need to spend some time and effort planning. 

The methods of generating income covered in this article are good to consider, but make sure you do your own research before taking on any kind of investment.

The methods of generating income covered in this article are good to consider, but make sure you do your own research before taking on any kind of investment. Hopefully we shed some light on the topic of Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From. View more retirement articles.

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